Scripting error


Thanks to everyone who helped. This is now closed

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first off, Transparency is a number not a string, 2nd is this script part of a much bigger script? if so could we have the whole script and line number of where the error is?



  1. Replace all the "1" in all these if statements, with simply 1. Transparency is a number , not a string.
  2. Try to print some things and tell us what prints and what not.

Teleport to place instance is for telporting to JobIds

just use TeleportService:Teleport

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Also just took a look at the TeleportService documentation noticed
TeleportService:TeleportToPlaceInstance requires 3 arguments,
1: Place Id
2: Job Id (Server Id I believe)
3: Player

you are trying to put the player as argument #2

I dont think he wants to teleport them to a specific server on the place

even so providing the arguments of the function he is trying to use can still be useful incase he ever does wish to do that

Ya. The reason why I didn’t do ands is because I thought it had something to do with the ends