Scripting Help: Attempt to index nil with 'PlayerGui'

(Note: I found posts about the same error, but they did not help with this specific script.)


I was making a script to create a GUI effect, but I cannot make a variable for the GUI, referencing it as:

local loading = player.PlayerGui.Game.Loading
(Note that “player” is defined by the PlayerAdded function)

I keep getting an error in the console about this variable:
ServerScriptService.Folder.Loading:4: attempt to index nil with ‘PlayerGui’

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, but I think it has to do with how I define “player” in the PlayerAdded function. I appreciate any help!

game.StarterGui.Game.Loading.Visible = true

local function loadingTransition(player)
	local loading = player.PlayerGui.Game.Loading
	local loadingHeader1 = loading["1"]
	local loadingHeader2 = loading["3"]
	local x = 0
	local iteration = 0.1
	while x < 1 do
		loading.BackgroundTransparency = x + iteration
		loadingHeader1.TextTransparency = x + iteration
		loadingHeader2.TextTransparency = x + iteration
		loadingHeader1.BackgroundTransparency = x + iteration
		loadingHeader2.BackgroundTransparency = x + iteration
		x = x + iteration
	loading.Visible = false


remove the parenthesis from where you’re initializing the function
(so basically don’t call the function when you’re connecting to an event)

Thank you! That worked for me.

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