Scripting Help Needed for Health Gain script

Hey guys, I can’t seem to make a script where when a weapon is activated, the damage of the weapon increases and the health increases by 1.

The script I did is just a local script in StarterGui where a function starts and I tried to make the health and damage gain with a ‘Player.humanoid’ statement. I do not have any screenshots, but can someone help?

This is my first time looking for the solution
Sorry for not providing screenshots, it might be hard for some people to understand what I’m saying.

Please tell me the code you used.

Are you getting any errors? If so please specify.
Screenshots aren’t always needed. Just type ``` in the beginning of a line and press enter to open a script box. Example:

-- This is a script box where you can copy and paste your own scripts

Also, what’s the problem with your script and what are you not satisfied with?
Edit: I understand that you’re trying to use a function within a localscript to change the player’s health, but what went wrong with it?

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It just didn’t work, I am not on studio right now, sorry for the inconvenience, I understand it’s hard for people to understand without examples and the code.

Did you get any error message?

Nope, I didn’t get any errors.

Ah, thanks I will try it out, thanks again.

Make the title clearer.
This makes it easier for developers to understand and gives more answers.

Thanks for the feedback. I changed the title.