Scripting Journey - Post #6 - Opening and Closing Door

Hey y’all! Been a couple of days, yeah? I’m posting this late because I will be away for the day tomorrow, might as well post it now.
Anyway, I made a door that opens and closes when you click the buttons! Pretty self-explanatory. This one wasn’t too hard; just a bit of poking around to figure out how ClickDetectors work.

I tried to make this an mp4, but the file size was too big and it glitched out the clip…gonna try to find a better way to convert, but in the meantime you guys are stuck with downloading the video :pensive:

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Thanks to @TheReindeerDev for the inspiration!
Have a great day guys! :grinning:

nice work! if you know how to do moving parts, maybe you can make it a moving door (door which opens and closes ‘realisticlly’ )

(you are a scripter, so i won’t get mad about looks lol)

have you tried using streamable to upload your file? with the share link, no download required - i am not an advertisement


google drive is better, because
it doesn’t have that stupid 500mb limit
it’s free, no premium plan (except more storage, but you have 15 gb already which is good enough)
videos are uploaded at original quality
videos won’t be erased, unlike streamable that deletes your videos and tells you to buy premium.