Scripting Journey - Post #7 - Button-Activated Timer

So, it’s been two weeks. How’s everyone been? Sorry for the wait (though I sincerely doubt anyone even pays attention to these posts). My excuse would be that I’ve been traveling a lot in the past couple of days. For me, at least, it’s currently spring break. But I’m back home, and it’s good to be in Studio once again!
Today’s post is basically a timer that activates when you touch a button. I was too lazy to make it a screen GUI though xD

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you…drumroll please…the video in mp4 format!

It’s glitchy, I know. I used a free online converter. I hope you get the general idea, though.

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Once again, sorry for the long wait!
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Thanks for reading, peace! :v:

Ey not bad! It’s a pretty nice basic idea, maybe you could change the Color of the Part to red when you touch it to indicate it being touched? Then change it back to Green when it’s ready to touch :thinking: You could also implement something to happen once the Timer reaches 0

Overall though, pretty good!

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