Scripting keeps freezing my studio

Hello! I can’t post in studio bugs, but… im having this extremely annoying problem where my code keeps freezing up every time i open a script and start typing. This started some time last night. It was working fine before… and I have a MONSTER computer that is extremely hard to freeze under any circumstances. So i don’t really know what’s up, but I imagine its something with the new scripting features. Any thoughts? Anyone experiencing the same thing?


I have a feeling that your roblox studio files may be corrupted. If you can, try uninstalling roblox studio and re-installing it. If it works, please tell me!

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No that did not work :frowning:

This particular game in question isn’t loading up all the way either now, I saved it after I created the new script again, and saved before I edited the code. :confused:
So maybe its the game? Idk

Is it happening only on that exact game?

Yes. And i don’t know how to fix it. :frowning:

I can’t scrap the game i put a lot of work into what im creating

Does it have a lot of parts or scripts?

Nope. So upon further investigation now a few other games wont load either. I reverted the version of the particular game in question back just a few to right before I installed the script and now its working again. But none of my other games are working. I unistalled and reinstalled as you said earlier but this is still happening. :confused:

I think its a roblox issue. :confused: Or my entire studio is corrupted, but it should’ve fixed when I uninstalled and reinstalled… so

Maybe its a plugin or something?

Are all the not working games local files on you computer?

Hold on, suddenly its working. I uninstalled a particular plugin that i remember was asking for permissions earlier and it looks like that may have beent he cause, idk for sure… but i guess.

Yeah, all my games are working again. :confused:

The plugin was ‘Roblox Studio +’

Did Roblox Studio+ work before?

No, it might’ve been a corrupted version, or a fake version.

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