Scripting Mentor Program for absolute beginners [ CLOSED]

Hello to all those who are interested,

If you have a real interest, and passion for development. If you are willing to put in the hours necessary to learn. If you are willing suffer the headaches.

Then 1. I commend you, and 2. I give you a offer - I am looking for a student to teach on how to script, starting from the basics and building up. If you fill the previous mentioned requirements then encourage you to give me a chance.

Basic Information:
Experience Level required is nil or N/A, so is Age.
The program will last approximately 1 Month
Only 1 Applicant will be chosen

Apply Here:

For questions message:

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I’m kind of curious, what’s this for?

He is looking for a scripter to teach for a month. He’s basically gonna teach you the basics of coding. If you get selected that is.

What is the point of this when you can use YouTube and the Developer Hub? As well as this forum…

Its easier to learn if you have someone correcting your mistakes instead of wasting time googling everything. Let’s be honest not every answer is on youtube

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Yeah, but the whole point of learning on your improves your own problem solving skills. If you have someone guiding you every single step, then you’re not gonna become a good programmer.

Good Programmers use Google and other resources, they don’t always have someone guiding them every step of the way.

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Well, we are talking about absolute beginners you can’t code without fundamentals. It’s also nice to have someone help you with your problems so then you can remember and use them in other situations. Even without problem-solving if you learn most of the documentation you can piece the rest together. I’m not saying problem solving isn’t necessary it’s important to learn in code but if you are stuck on one problem for a long time they are more likely to just quit.

I was an absolute beginner 5 months ago, and Google + YouTube were completely fine for me. If I ever got stuck I’d ask for help, a mentor is completely unnecessary in my opinion.

In my opinion yeah a mentor might be excessive saying I never used youtube to learn code from free model scrapping but a mentor could be what some people need to get into coding. Even now how I learn new coding languages is by watching one tutorial to get the basics and then reading the documentation.

That’s not what I’m asking. I’m curious as to why @ProfessorVaherus is doing this student tutoring thing, seems like a hassle for him.

I don’t know maybe he/she is just very bored. That’s the only reason I would do it for someone who I don’t know.

I personally think its very kind of you to offer such services. The devforum is always looking for scripters, hopefully willing and experienced teachers can foster a new population of professionals for the future. That said, I think it would also be helpful if you gave some background information about yourself as well, such as what level of scripting knowledge you possess, perhaps a demonstration of aspects of scripting you are good at, etc.

Again, it makes me happy to see people offering things like this. I hope you find a positive experience with the student of your choosing! :slight_smile:

The hassle is not of issue, the payoff would make it worth the hassle 10 fold. I could make two reasons. 1. The emotional and 2. The logical

The emotional reason is that I find it very rewarding personally to teach someone something that can lead to their future development. I believe human potential is math.huge if correctly directed, so I find it very hard to not help someone who is willing to capitalize on it. This is my way of doing that.

The logical reason is that I believe that teaching someone could lead to long-term cooperation with that person and they’re own personal development which could be used for future projects. i.e teaching a future employee/team member. Loyalty is best made at birth.

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Can’t you just post in the community resources/tutorials section, then?

If you write a good guide, then you can help a whole lot of people instead of just one person, but that’s just me I guess.

From what I have seen, this is your argument. ( Please correct me if I am wrong )

  1. You are able to learn everything by yourself via the resources already available, so a mentor is completely unnecessary. Something along the lines of “More is not more”

  2. Learning directly under someone may actually in-peed on the competence of the programmer because it hinders the persons ability to problem solve on their own due to being “hand held”.

  3. Why waste time just teaching one person when you could post a resource online that would reach many more people.

Yes, your points are valid, in certain situations your arguments would be valid. Particularly with a bad teacher. However, there are major flaws I see in your argument.

Your first argument in certain situations (“more is not more”) would be correct. Too much information is a liability as it can be stressful to process it all. In addition, you are not wrong in saying a mentor is complete unnecessary.
But, a mentor/teacher is very useful in the fact that, 1. The person knows more than you, 2. The person knows best how to organize the information that is 1. Digestible, and 2. Not overwhelming, 3. The person can give you new points of view that would have taken awhile for you to come up with yourself.

Your second point, I could not agree with more. Hand holding negativity affects the programming skills of the programmer and creates a dependence, which will hurt their long term progress. However, I am aware of this, and will do my best to best solve that problem.

Your third point, Yes, that is true, I can indeed create and post a tutorial that would help many more people. I may consider this in the future, but for now, It does not align with my goals. The reason for teaching someone as I have said previously, is so that I can create a team member that understands me, and is comfortable with me enough to create a game that will have a large finical gain. In addition, I believe direct teaching if done right can fast forward someones progress by 10x or more, and if I posted a guide I would not be able to capitalize on the students future potential, and miss out on a friendship. In a way, It is extremely selfish.

Thank you for hearing me out, and I hope I have given you a new point of view.

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I’ve finished the application. I hope I am chosen!

I hope I am chosen! Looking forward!

I wish I was on time, am was really interested but couldn’t reply because I wasn’t DevForum member and discord is making me go mad for the errors at sending friend request. I hope you open this oportunity again soln

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