Scripting Moving Parts Of A Train

Hey there Developers!

I’ve been recently working on a game that requires a moving train and I’m experiencing the same issue when trying to develop. Overall scripting moving parts in studio is pretty easy it’s the part where Roblox decides it doesn’t really like moving parts and bugs the player out while they are riding on said train. Essentially, I’m struggling with keeping the ride smooth for the player so they can jump, walk, and interact with the game normally while walking on this moving object. I’ve recently visited a game with a system that involves a moving train on a track, and allows the player to ride, shoot guns, and do many other activities on the train without being flung off the thing or worry about bugging off of it. I’m also going to attach link to a video of what I’m trying to accomplish. Which can be found here:

I’ll attach the link to the game below if anyone knows what I’m talking about and could help! I’m really just struggling with making the train ride smooth and stable for the player experience while on said train. Thanks!