Scripting not working

local plr = game.Players.LocalPlayer

local textbox = script.Parent

		if textbox.Text ==  textbox.Text:find("fuck") or textbox.Text:find("Fuck") or textbox.Text:find("shit") or textbox.Text:find("Shit") then
			plr:Kick("No Swear Words.")

		if textbox.Text == textbox.Text:find("rapture") or textbox.Text:find("the quiet rapture")  then
				terminalscreen.SurfaceGui:FindFirstChild("Output").Text = [[(c.o.i informational terminal)
this is a local database. be sure to update before each descent. last updated today [5/3781]
the quiet rapture
in 357 eic, without any prior warning, radio contact with our respective planets was suddenly cut. nobody can recall having visual contact with any planets when the incident occurred, or experiencing any other unusual phenomena, so it's uncertain what exactly might have happened. upon investigation, it was observed independently by several stations that where there had previously been planets, nothing remained. further investigation over the following months revealed that all known planets with sentient life, floura and fauna, a habitable atmosphere, or any sort of natural resources were likewise gone, along with all known stars. the only celestial bodies that have been found since are either uninhabitable moons or asteroids.

many theories have been proposed for this disaster, including religious interpretations of it as a literal rapture, some unknown quantum anomaly, or something more cosmic and sinister. no concrete answers yet. there are no concrete answers]]
		if textbox.Text == textbox.Text:find("mars") then

		if textbox.Text == textbox.Text:find("iron lung") or textbox.Text:find("sm13") then

		if textbox.Text == textbox.Text:find("interstellar martian calander") or textbox.Text:find("imc") then


I have been trying to figure out for so long, it prints work but doesn’t do anything

Remove those curse words before you get in trouble. I assume you’re trying to make some sorta chat filter but it’s against ToS to post that. Also pretty sure roblox has an inbuilt chat filter.

ok sorry i didnt know mb --------

Like @BANSA168 said don’t have curses in your scripts (and game in general) if you want a text filter then read this: