Hi there! I am offering my services as a scripter! I have been scripting for almost a year now and have learned a ton! You may know a few of my games such as Fox Simulator and Fight To The Death! While I may not be the most EXPERIENCED scripter I will sure NEVER QUIT on the job and I will keep working until it is done!


You can try out some of my games here!

Fox Simulator! (UPDATE) - Roblox

(14) Fight To The Death - Roblox (Requires two people)

(14) Breathing Simulator [TESTING] (UPDATE!) - Roblox


I am available pretty much every day for at least 3 hours! I will always inform you and communicate well about when I can (pretty much all the time) and when I can’t script (pretty much never XD).


Personally I can get paid pretty much anything as long as it is relatively reasonable. I like to get paid in robux and I will only get paid if I do the job right!


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum, Roblox, or via Discord at:

Discord Username: BMWLux :arrow_backward:

Discord Id: #6679 :arrow_backward:

Thanks for reading! Hope I get to work with you! :smiley:

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