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I’ve been just getting into scripting for 2 months now and know most of the basics (variables,properties,animation,functions,for loops,while loops, if statements etc.) and am looking for some scripting projects to help me grow my knowledge of scripting but am not creative at all and can only think of making a shooter game which is obviously out of reach. So if anyone has any ideas I’d be very appreciative.


Hello, You can try to check any game that exist and try to create some functions of that experience or all game if you can and I bet that take you so much time :slight_smile:

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You could try making a simulator game, as it’s really basic and you can learn a lot from it. Personally, my first game was a Epic Minigames thing. Also, you could search for scripts in the toolbox and look how they work, this is really useful as well. Good luck with your developing career!

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You can try making a game with some platforms around. When the player touches a platform, it will fade away and disappear. Then a few seconds later, the platform will reappear. If the player don’t jump after touching the platform, he/she will fall. And if you wanna challenge yourself a little bit, try making a leaderstats that add points to the player every second he/she is alive, when the player die, the points will be reset to 0.

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Something like Simon says or Mastermind would be good to learn tables would be simple and teaches you one of the most important value types.
Assuming you already understand events, another good step in the right direction would be understanding RemoteEvents, as a beginning to network code, and figuring out a way to incorporate them into the games. (GUI Input perhaps?)
Whatever you decide to go with, things will certainly be more complicated than what you’ve learned so far (or not, I’d like to see you prove me wrong), but don’t give up; I wish you the best of luck!

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create the devforum

make a game like get a snack at 4 am but make it original (it’s easy to make dw)