Scripting Resume

Basic Information:

Hello, I’m LN_dev. I’ve been scripting at a high level for about a year now. My areas of scripting knowledge contain Lua, Java, and Python. I can also design basic UIs. In my past developing jobs, I have been contracted by Backwoods Law, tons of groups over 10k members, and have had many short-term orders.

In Lua I mainly expertise in scripting data stores, but I excel in most concepts. I am currently using basic OOP / modules in long projects; so you can easily adjust the code. I am efficient and concise with my code. I can debug and fix broken scripts. I am a beginner in Java and Python; therefore in those languages, my code will not be the most efficient or the easiest to read.

If you have any questions or want to see what the code looks like, contact me on Discord at bice#4035.

Previous Work Examples

Scripting Examples:

Save system for cash and cars, car spawn system, and upkeep at Backwoods.

The phone has way more features, if you want to see more of it, contact me.
Adding more later.

UI and scripting examples:

The loading screen and update logs at Backwoods.

Long Term Payment Strategy:

Long-term payment is for contracted jobs correlated to a specific timeline. Simply put, a salaried job for a fixed amount of time.

If your game or group is popular, meaning I can gain exposure (a game with at least 250k visits with 50 constant players or a group with 50k active members) , I will sign on for a trial period.

After the possible trial period, payment will consist of group payouts for the amount of time you have me contracted. This is just a guideline, we can compromise on different payout strategies.

Short Term Payment Strategy:

Short-term payment is for a specific thing(s) you need to have made. All this means is that you plan on paying once.

When deciding the price, I will be flexible with your budget, as long as it is reasonable . I do not charge anything upfront, and I do not add charges at the end of the job. What we agree on is what you pay, which includes tax.

Before the transaction process begins, you will be allowed to test what you ordered. If you aren’t happy, I’ll make the changes you want. After the products are completely ready, payment will go through group funds or a game pass (you cover tax) . Then the products will be sent to you by file or Roblox toolbox. This is just a guideline, we can compromise on different payout strategies.

Thanks for checking out my resume!