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I want to achieve my long dream on creating my first legitimate game, a working game. Ever since i started playing in 2014, as a child, it was my dream to become a game creator, and make a really successful game.

Although through these years I have tried my possible best, I tried to learn, watch YouTube videos about scripting, 100s of them. But its always been hard to learn because YouTube videos really get complicated so quick, without me knowing the basics, and that’s why I’m here.

That’s why I’m asking for advice, where to start, what i should invest my time into to understand. I also didn’t mention, previously, two years ago. I had made a post like this, and i attracted the attention of builders. scripters, and I was going to pay them a minimum of 10K R$, each. A month had passed and i was so proud of the work they had been doing, i also tried my best to help out, with mostly building. things were going really good, we had a lobby, where you would be able to choose which bus to go into, and it would leave on into another server. and you could choose where you wanted to place your tent, and we were working on the cutscenes, which were going great. Until one turned on me, deleted everything. That’s why now, I would like to take the hard path, doing it by my own, because my trust was broken and I don’t want that to happen, if someone could refer me to some place where i can really learn scripting so I can accomplish my childhood dream. Greatly appreciate it.

If you want to send me an email, my email is

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At first when i started scripting i commenced with youtube tutorials. At first they were fun, i was recreating popular games using @Alvin_Blox Tutorials but then.

I wanted to make complex things for my games… I wanted Leaderboards and Region3 and Raycast (all sort of more advanced things)

But the youtube tutorials did not help me at all

For the leaderboard, the youtuber was taking forever to make the Ui
For the Region3, i followed a tutorial by TheDevKing but it was bad since he didn’t do it correctly!
For the Raycast, i couldn’t find anything relevant.

I was getting really frustated and then gave up for about a year. I was playing Roblox games.

Until i started again. My level became fragile, i had to start over but i didn’t do the same mistake.

I started browsing for hours on the DevForum looking for my problem’s solution and useful modules (which made me learn alot!)

Whenever i needed to understand a topic. I would search it on the DevHub and find beautiful explainations with both videos and text.

After doing this for a while i was determined to browse the entire DevHub (which i sorta did). Learn all classes and metatables

Then after creating my devforum account, I made Modules script to help others.

In conclusion : Use the amazing tools provided by Roblox to learn scripting and try to create community ressources/tutorials to become better

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Extra: There’s basic/begineer tutorials on the DevHub
Link here

Thanks alot, greatly appreciated.

For me, I learnt how to script mainly by copying tutorials, understanding how their scripts worked, tweaking them, and just writing code in general. Scripting is very similar to drawing, painting, learning a musical instrument, etc. The more you practice, the better you get! I would suggest you just keep coding and eventually you’ll get better! Focus on things you want to do and do some mini-projects. For example, if you want to explore how you can make a tycoon, watch a tutorial or two and try and understand how the scripts work, or if you’re ambitious, you can try making your own! Anyways, no matter what path you take, I wish you the best of luck!