Scriptless Park - An incredible Theme Park and Obby game experience WITHOUT ANY SCRIPT

Hi Guys!

Some weeks ago I decided to make a complete game without any script , using Roblox Physics only.

Today I published the kick-off version of Scripless Park, a complete Theme Park that use 0 bit of script. Not even a loading script nor a GUI code, this project is absolutely scriptless.

Music is not finished yet, many incredible scriptless objects are missing, obby is in very early stage etc. but as a proof of concept it is ready!

Status is something between alpha and beta (actually no script in the game, so I won’t expect bugs, but missing features and glitchy physics).

I hope you like the “Scriptless Park” game concept and you give me some valuable feedback to improve! I expect some great ideas of challenging scriptless models too!

TIP: Try to catch the plane on the hop-on point on the left! :slight_smile:


Lol, I really enjoy the first “live” test of the game, thank you for all who came and played!

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I had fun. Lots of unusual things to play with. The pig car was chaotic fun.

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Hi All!

Thank you again for all feedback!

Today I published Scriptless Park Showdown, for everyone, who would like to see how moving models are working in Scriptess Park Original!

In addition, some cool extra tool is available, like gravity too and a “skywalker” board. Scriptless Park Showdown is not free to play. For safety reason, Scriptless Park Showdown is a single player experience.

If you haven’t seen Scriptless Park Original (that is multiplayer and completely free), it’s time to visit now! :slight_smile:

Finally I made a gameplay / showcase video for this park :slight_smile: