Scripts in UGC items?

Hello everyone! I’ve recently been getting interested in UGC creation and I’ve been wondering if you’d be able to create something such as an accessory with an internal local-script.
I’ve been researching and I haven’t found anything of such topic addressed before. Considering the current limitation on creation of UGC content, I’m not wanting to be diving into this project without knowing if this is possible in advance.
For example; I’m wanting to know if you’re able to change the color of a mesh, or implement a particle effect using a local-script.
In conclusion, the end goal here is to hopefully get verified as a UGC creator and publish some interesting and unique accessories to the marketplace on my group, featuring moving partsd or changing colors.

This is a prime example.

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Thanks for the Question!
Unfortunatly UGC creators are not allowed to add scripts inside Accessories at the moment. They also are not allowed to add Effects or particles into their accessories either. The reason why scripts are not allowed to be added inside accessories uploaded by UGC creators is because it can be taken to its advantage. The Former Admin Luckymaxer added a script inside the 2017 Bunny ears which gave him special powers inside of games he joined when he put on the hat which lead to his termination. Shedletsky also has added many scripts inside of hats in his working period which gave users powers ingame when they put on the hats. A good example is the Teapot Turret which gives you multiple powers inside of games such as fire balls and explosions. But it is likley for Roblox to maybe allow this in the near future!