Scripts keep showing up?

I was recently trying to make a StarterCharacter and didn’t know how to put a Helmet on my R15 StarterCharacter, I used a FM Model to give me a reference. After that things started getting annoying, i checked my ServerScriptservice to find 2 scripts that i dont remember placing there, i am not sure if its a Virus and i dont know how to get rid of them. I tried using a Anti-Virus Plugin and tried restarting my Studio. It still wont go away…If i could get some help it would be much appreciated.
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Could you show the code? From there we can determine if it’s a virus. It is hard to help without that

Did you take this picture in edit mode or while testing?

If while editing: probably a malicious plugin
If while testing: probably an infection script

it goes on forever

This is a virus script. It’s obfuscated, that’s why it looks so weird. Remove it.

The script that you just got out is probably sketchy, try deleting the whole code in that script and delete the script, if it does delete this time then its something to do with the script otherwise nope.


I have deleted all lines of code in all of these i am now going to delete all them and restart studio in hoping of working

Yep and also the plugin that you just downloaded, make sure to delete that because you never know if its not an Anti-virus plugin.

Check your plugins too. It might be a malicious plugin.

Ok so now i may know the problem, i just started up a new baseplate and now its saying the same thing in ServerScriptservice. It may be a plugin i am not sure

Can you send me link of the plugin you just used?
I could test it and see if that’s the problem.

I recently Downloaded this Plugin

It says cracked but im not sure what the developer meant by that?

Yep thats suspicious enough, it has 1 favorite the owner is definitely an alt account.

Although, you might think having 1 favorite, 1 like and 1 dislike would not support the evidence to actually think its suspicious, the owner looks as if its an alt account. Next time, watch out for these kind of stuff and just examine the owner to see if its not a sketchy plugin. @SelectedArctic

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That’s your virus. Delete it. Im not sure what cracked means but this plugins has only one favorite, like and dislike. It’s definitely the virus.

Only download plugins with large amount of favorites and comments.

Just Deleted it and surely enough it went away!

Thank you very much for yalls help it means a lot and REMEMBER dont use this plugin.

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Plug-ins are a malicious way to hide backdoors or any virus. Always check for a Plug-in that doesn’t includes “Cracked, Free” and any other version that could state that it’s copied from the original script.
I found that the original plugin costs 100 robux.
You should report the plugin so roblox chooses the best option for that plugin.-

The script looks all fine, but after a while, I found that there’s this line:


Yep, the person who made this script just copied the script’s source code and separated that line from every part, I was questioning why was the script too long.

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No problem! Make sure to mark a message as solution so that people will know that this thread has been solved, stay safe next time. :blush:

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