Script.Source not executing?

I’m trying to create a scripting Lua Plugin but I’m struggling to find a way to execute it

I have tried making a BindableEvent so a script finds the trigger and create a module so it the script changes the source of the module but failed so i tried the method

Here’s the script

--Lua app

local data = {}--Module script

function runScript(typenew,source)--Run Lua app
	if typenew == "Local" then--If player asks for local script
		local newScript ="LocalScript",script)
		newScript.Source = source--Changes the scripts source
	if typenew == "Server" then--If player asks for ServerScript
		local newScript ="Script",script)
		newScript.Source = source--Changes the scripts source

function ,source)--typenew : what kind of script the player wants ,source : script source

return data

And also this script only works on plugins or command bar that’s all!

You can use loadstring for this.

local function runScript(source)

local stringToRun = 'print(\'hi\')'

runScript(stringToRun) --> hi

As @7z99 already said, you can use loadstring for the source.


Also if it errors, there’s a module for this.

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That module appears to be offsale.

Oh, my bad. There was a new one.
(3) vLua 5.1 (improved VM) - Roblox

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Here’s the improved link vLua 5.1 (improved VM) - Roblox

Wow, I had it already. What a coincidence.

I am trying to figure this out the module wants the Source and Env ,

i don’t understand ENV

I don’t know what env is either, but it’s not required.

local loadstring = require(path to module)
loadstring("your code here")
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That is an environment, it can be gotten via getfenv().

You shouldn’t need environments for executing code. If you want to catch errors, you could use pcall.

local myString = [[
local function errorThread(...) 
errorThread('cool error message')]] 
local func = loadstring(myString) 
local success, errorMessage = pcall(func) 
print(success, errorMessage)

Also just want to add that loadstring returns a function value which can be called as normal, not a thread or anything.

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