Scroll bar longer?


I don’t understand what you want? That looks fine. Are you wanting an infinite amount of scroll space? If so, one I don’t know why you’d want that since you won’t have an infinite number of items, and two that’s not possible.

im saying i want to make the content smaller and the scroll bar to scroll further

If you want to make the content smaller, then you’ll have to change the CellSize value in the UiGridLayout to make each “cell” or frame smaller. This will give you more scrolling space, and like people said before, increasing the CanvaeSize’s Y PROPERTY ONLY will give you more vertical scrolling space, however it will naturally decrease the size of your sidebar scroller.

I’m sorry I thought you only wanted it to scroll on the Y axis. If you want more scrolling space on the X and Y axis, then the same goes for this as well. Just increase the number for each of these under the CanvasSize property of the scrolling frame.