Scroll bar longer?

i dont know how to make the scroll bar longer for my game

Try changing the ‘CanvasSize’ property.


Note: if you want to make the scroll bar longer, decrease the number, and if you want to make the scroll bar smaller, increase the number.

dont ask me

im just testing piggy stuff and it looks bad now i decreased it

i want to scroll further thats what i want to do

In that case, just increase the CanvasSize

i did but still :frowning: i dont know why it breaks

Can you show me the whole scrolling frame(in explorer) + properties of the items?




Are you using a UIGridLayout ?

yep image

Weird, I did the exact same thing for testing purposes and it works perfectly even if I increase or descrease the size of the scrolling bar

do i need to do something with uigrid?

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Show me the properties of the UIGrid so I can compare both



No clues why it breaks :confused:
May I see the CellPadding and CellSize ?

Your canvas size’s Y property is set to 0, while the X property is set to 5. Set the Y property to something other than 0 for the scroll bar to appear.