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Can someone tell me how to make the scroll bar like that opacity cause for some the original scroll bar transparency is too high and I can’t make it lower.

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You mean how it fades off at the bottom? I’d wager they’re doing something with UIGradients. You’re free to try applying one to your Gui using the Transparency options to see if you can match the effect. Could also just be a plain fading texture slapped to the bottom to give that effect.

no not that . That thing in the right. The white scroll thing cause you can’t make the opacity lower.

ScrollingFrame.ScrollBarImageTransparency? Sorry but I don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. It probably would’ve helped if you added a pointer or something on the image to highlight exactly which element you’re talking about.

If it’s the rounded element in the vertical bar, then the above property should work for your use case and if it does, then I’d suggest doing some of your own research on the Developer Hub in the future since you could’ve found the answer there.

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So, I am guessing they either:

a. Changed the scrolling bar images (you can do this in settings under any scrolling frame)
b. Programmed a scrolling frame from scratch