Scroll Frame Rounding

So I use the roundify plugin to roundify all of my frames. How exactly would I use roundify to do the same thing to my scrolling frame? I don’t think it’s as simple as doing it to normal frames.


The rounding of the “Scrolling Frame” can be the hard cause of borderlines. Cause of that I recommend you to add one frame (roundify it) and then place Scrolling Frame to it. That’s how I make them when I make GUI’s for myself. :slightly_smiling_face:


I wouldn’t recommend asking people to use roundify as advice.
Technology has advanced, UICorner exists.

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UICorner doesn’t work with scrolling frames.

Thanks, I’ll have a try at that.

I’m aware, but you said to insert a roundified frame.

I fixed it now. How would I make my scroll bar only appear when there is stuff to scroll down to?

Scripting exists. You need to script that.

if ya don’t wanna script that you can also change the automatic canvas size to X or Y or XY or whatever direction you are scrolling. Then change canvas size to {0,0},{0,0} and when there is stuff off the side of the canvas the scrollbar will appear where needed. idk if you will still need this but ima post it anyway.

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