Scroll wheel zooming broken

Camera zooming with the scroll wheel is dead in multiple games as of the last hour or so. I believe this is occurring only on new servers. This appears in the output:

Occurring here at the very least:

(reported at Vehicle Simulator and Robeats also)


Thanks for reporting this issue to us. Our engineering team is actively investigating.




This happened for me because I copied the default camera scripts to starter scripts to do manual adjustments many months ago, updating the RootCamera module did fix this issue for me (probably because it doesn’t check that flag anymore in the up-to-date script…).

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Looks like Roblox removed the “UserBetterInertialScrolling” flag (which appears to be spelled wrong lol) from client, but those of us who overwrote camera scripts (Jailbreak included) still depend on this flag.

So it’s causing an error which breaks scrolling.

EDIT: Looks like Jailbreak, UD, and Vehicle Simulator are all effected… I wonder if we modified the camera scripts for the same reason since we all have driving? lol

EDIT2: Just published a patch for Jailbreak camera scripts (in new servers). If any engineers play Jailbreak and wonder why it’s not broken, this is why.


Hey everyone,

Thank you for patiently waiting. The flag has been fully restored.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused by those impacted!


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