Scrolling Frame dosen't fit all screens? [Unsolved]

So as the title explains I’m trying to make a Scrolling Frame fit all screens but can’t figure out how to. I tried using constraints and using SCALE instead of OFFSET but nothing worked so here I am.

How it looks for PC (1920 x 1080)

How it looks for other screens

This is how my GUI setup looks

Thanks for reading!

Autoscale lite, right?

If not, then use it, idk if it works

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make sure that all objects are scaled

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I already tried that! Thanks though

In the topic, I said that I’ve already tried that.

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Anyone has some other idea cause I’m still messing around with this and not getting anywhere.

Have you checked other topics on this?

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Yeah I have but couldn’t get it to work.

Have you tried to set the SizeConstraint of the scrolling frame to RelativeXX?

That being said, scrolling frames work better with Offset instead of Scale.

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It looks like some things may be using the Offset scale option opposed to the Scale scale option. Make sure all GUI objects are using the Scale option and not offset.

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Yes I made that sure already, thanks though!

Yes I know all this and can’t work with this.

If you search through some forum posts they solve this by adding a UIListLayout to the scrolling frame… then setting the Offset size of the scrolling frame (via script) to the absolutesizeX and absolutesizeY of the UIListLayout.

Let me see if i can find an example… here you go:

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Thanks for all the help, I changed my mind and changed to a normal Frame instead of a ScrollingFrame.

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