Scrolling Frame no longer scrolls when parented

Hey, im trying to get my scrollingframe working, it works when only parented to the main element (textbutton) but when parented to a frame in the textbutton, it completely does not work.

A bit of shadowing, im making a menu in which when you press a textbutton, it shows a frame with textlabels & imagelabels parented to a small frame (which is the blue bar shown under)

Here is the scrollingframe in its broken glory

The menu looks like this for the curious

And here is the expanded branch for anyone wondering by what i mean with that parenting statement

I have a inefficient solution, which is to hide the frame unparented via a script when the other menu buttons are pressed, but it would take up some scripting space and overall not much of a good practice.

I’ve tried to change coordinates while the frame was parented. It helped cut out the items not in frame, but scrolling and scrollbar does not work. Oh and not to mention, using automatic canvas positioning helped show the scrollbar and worked a bit, until items were placed into the canvas where it just broke.