Scrolling Frame Rotation?

Honestly, I’m sick of dealing with this so I’m going to just create a dev forum post.

I’m trying to rotate my scrolling frame but the scaling is ridiculous.

I’ve tried to place anchor points and I’ve tried to change the size with the properties, but it never seems to work.
Can anyone help me with scaling a rotated scrolling frame?

Please can someone help with this?

Anybody? I really need help on this!

So far i have learned not to rotate anything complex in roblox’s ui, it just never works out, like ClipsDescendants just stops being a mask when rotated


I second this statement.

Roblox only has bare minimum support for Gui rotations. Size scaling is still dependent on the parent object.

As for aligning rotated objects, AnchorPoints are not reflected/translated with the rotation property. You have to adjust the positions manually depending on the absolute size, position, and rotation angle of the object.

If you’re looking to rotate the back of the scrolling frame use an image. Roblox’s engine is apparently “too hard to implement rotating and clipdescendants together” according to roblox (despite the fact that they have a ton of employees that could easily do it).

From my experience, scaling UI with the on-screen tools while it is rotated never goes well. For now, set the rotation of the object to 0 and then use the on-screen tools or use the size property to adjust the scaling.

I’ve came across the same issue.

Creating a rotated scrolling frame is completely possible, but difficult. I noticed that it mainly comes down to messing with the canvas size and, of course, the scrolling direction. I am extremely late to this post, but if this is still an occurring issue, I’d love to assist if I could be provided with some visuals of what you are working with.

If this issue pertains to working with rotated UI within a scrolling frame, then the issue is inevitable and there isn’t really anything you can do to get around it unfortunately. Clip descendants have yet to apply to rotated UI, which is very frustrating as this has been a known issue for numerous months, if not years now.

Let me know if this helped, or if there is anything further that I could help with!