Scrolling frame scroll bar stays the same size and blocks stuff

I have a ui list constraint in a scrolling frame and I want the buttons to be avoiding the scroll/not be blocked by it, but when I resize it the scroll starts blocking the button

As you see, resizing it causes the button to get blocked, I tried using all kinds of constraints and I changed a ton of properties to no avail. I have no Idea how to make the scroll be like a scale instead of a offset, it stays the same width no matter what the size of the scrolling frame is on a clients screen.

Use UIAspectRatioConstraint within the scrolling frame so that the buttons keep the same ratio size within your frame.

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it does use it, but the scroll wheel doesn’t change its width, the buttons stay the same size, which causes it to be blocked by the scroll bar in the scrolling bar because its width doesn’t change no matter what the size of the frame is. I may have used scroll wheel/scroll bar interchangeably.

I see that scroll bar size is automatically offset, and the only way to change it is by using a script that changes its size to scale, this is the source I used:

The solution to it is the solution to my problem.

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