Scrolling issues with Magic Mouse

When zooming in and out using Play Solo in Studio, it is hard to get to the camera angle you want. When you zoom in all the way to go into first person, it will stay there until you move the camera and then it exits. This also happens when zooming out, you intend to only zoom out a bit but it rubber bands and causes issues. Here is a video of this happening:

Not shown in the video: if you keep scrolling back and flicking your finger down the mouse it will rubber band the camera to go both directions. I am using the natural scrolling.

When scrolling on ScrollingFrames, it is often hard to scroll to where you want on your content. If you flick all the way up to go to the top, it will go there and then bounce back down a few pixels. Same for when you want go go down. You don’t even need to flick, you can scroll normally and it does this.

I am using Roblox Studio version 0.317.0.167174 and I am on macOS High Sierra (10.13.1) using a Magic Mouse 2.

I have had this happen a few times on my cheap wireless Logitech mouse. Problem is that it was I never found a way to reproduce it. Closing and re-opening has always fixed it for me.