Scrolling Textbox/Label

I am currently trying to create a notification UI for my admin that I am currently scripting. I could do with some help figuring out how to make the text in a notification become scrollable if the text starts to run out of space without using Scaled text because I don’t like the look of ever changing text sizes.


Am I missing a setting or UI element that would make this possible?


Parent the TextLabel to a ScrollingFrame (ScrollingFrame | Roblox Creator Documentation) that has the AutomaticCanvasSize property set to Y.

Doesn’t work unfortunately, I think the problem is the text label isn’t increasing it’s size when it runs out of space.

Maybe try setting the TextLabels AutomaticSize property to Y.

Nope, still not scaling the text label

I don’t know if you still need help on this, but you can set the size of your TextLabel to 1,0,1,0!

Bit late to the party haha! I ended up forgetting about this anyway to be honest. For your help, i’ll give you the solution.