Scrolling with UIPageLayout


So, recently I updated one of my game menus to use UI Pagelayout, and noticed that it’s super functional on computer because you can just scroll through all the cars in my game and click the one you want. However, I’ve not come to terms with a problem I didn’t quite think of, and I’m not sure what to do about it really…

The Red is the frame this is hosted into

What happens when a user doesn’t have a mouse that can scroll? A user came to me saying the menu didn’t work on laptop, and that puzzled me. How could it not work on a laptop but work on a computer? Then someone noted that they can’t scroll down, and that the menu was “missing arrows.”

Do I have to script my own way to make it scroll for a laptop user?
Is there a better option than my current version?


Most modern laptops have two finger scroll functionality. Besides, I don’t see why a trackpad user would have fun playing games on said trackpad.


Well, my game is racing, so it only uses WASD or Arrows. So they’d have a ton of funnnnnnnn.


My bad, I was thinking of something else. How is using a UIPageLayout better than a ScrollingFrame?

You would have to script the functionality. Try binding GuiObject.MouseWheel(Forward/Backward) to UIPageLayout:(Next/Previous)()


My only thing is that UIPageLayout is kinda nice due to the way it automatically just does everything for me, versus ScrollingFrame does not. Very oof.


You can actually combine the two. Parenting a page layout to a ScrollingFrame will give both the benefit of the GUIs being arranged and the scrolling of the ScrollingFrame.


Hmm. I’ll have to give it a try.


UIPageLayout should be scrollable using the two finger gesture (or equivalent) in any trackpad. This needs more information - how is this person using their computer normally if they somehow don’t have the ability to scroll?

It’s possible there’s a bug that makes scrolling not work for them.


I’m going to assume they don’t know that two finger scrolling exists, because of the fact I didn’t even know until it was pointed out in this thread.


Oh, wow…

Have you never used a laptop before, or just always used the click and drag or up/down arrow buttons to scroll like in a web browser?


Just dragged the bar or used an external mouse. Can’t stand the track pad.


Just gonna say that your feelings toward track pads may well be due to a misunderstanding of how to use them. They can actually be very useful. Granted for many purposes, especially gaming, a mouse is preferable. But track pads can be very, very well done.


I primarily game, and track pads especially don’t work with the kind of games I play where trackpads weren’t invented yet.


UIListLayout inside ScrollingFrame


Well the most simplest way to deal with this is to add a scroll bar to the next , this can be done by making the frame a ScrollingFrame, the rest is simple editing properties and changing some of the already existing stuff.