ScrollingFrame AbsoluteCanvasSize set to infinity, unable to use scroll bar

Reproduction Steps

Repro model:
sfrepro.rbxm (12.3 KB)

Put this in StarterGui and observe StarterGui.mainUI.Design.pillButton.BodyParts.List.

Expected Behavior

You can scroll to the bottom and the bar scrolls to the bottom and there’d be a limit.

Actual Behavior
You’ll see that this scrolling frame is broken, because the AbsoluteCanvasSize for Y is set to inf.
Setting it to X sets the X of the AbsoluteCanvasSize to inf.
Setting it to XY for AutomaticCanvasSize sets both AbsoluteCanvasSize coordinates to inf.


Deleting the “Entries” frame “fixes” it.

I’m unable to drag the bar, and I can scroll using the wheel, but it goes on forever.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-16 00:06:00 (-07:00)

On further inspection, deleting Entries’ children fixes the AbsoluteCanvasSize somehow.
Setting all of the sizes of Entries’ children to be dependent on offset fixes the AbsoluteCanvasSize.
Possibly related to Textlabel AutomaticSize Broken.


I confirm this bug is happening. It started to happen 2-3 days ago, and it makes my settings scrollingframe’s Y size to be infinite. Also, it somehow affects the X size as well although the scrollingframe is only scrollable on the Y axis.

Before the bug:

After the bug:

ScrollingFrame bug.rbxl (36.4 KB)

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It looks like the bug has been fixed as of today.

Thanks for the report to start with. Can the OP confirm this issue is fixed for him aswell? @iiau

This is fixed in the Roblox client but not on studio .

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I see. In this case, I filed a ticket to our internal database and the team will take a closer look to the issue/ Thanks!

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Hi @iiau , the issue should be caused by a flag flipping. Now the flag has been reverted. Please let us know if the issue is still happening on your end. Thanks!

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