ScrollingFrame Bug With First Person View

Repro.rbxl (16.5 KB)

  1. See the attached repo file which just consists of a ScrollingFrame inside of a parent Frame.

  2. In Studio, hit Play.

  3. Move your mouse outside of the gui Frame, and use your scroll wheel to zoom your camera all the way into into first person view.

  4. Then move your mouse back into the gui Frame. At this point, the mouse cursor is stuck in the middle of the viewport, and all control of the ScrollingFrame and all mouse movement is lost.

  5. Press Shift F5 to stop play mode.

So this is a problem since players inadvertently move their mouse outside of the scroll view. Then if they continue to scroll, they will eventually get a stuck cursor, and cannot control their mouse.


Sorry to bump.
It’s still yet to be fixed.
But I want this to be fixed badly, as it largely affects my game where I use scrolling frames.