ScrollingFrame doesn't react to mouse wheel correctly if "Fit to Window" is enabled

A ScrollingFrame won’t react correctly to the mouse wheel being scrolled when the user is using Studio’s Device Emulation feature and “Fit to Window”. Sometimes, the ScrollingFrame will only scroll if the mouse wheel is located below or to the right of the frame, or both. It seems to depend on the size and position of the frame, but I haven’t been able to find any pattern to it. The requirements for reacting the the mouse wheel also seems to change depending on the device being emulated (I did most of my testing on HD 1080). However, how the ScrollingFrame reacts to the mouse wheel is consistent when the configuration is not changed.


  1. Open the attached place in Windows Studio.
  2. Enable device emulation for HD 1080.
  3. Set scaling mode to “Fit to Window”.
  4. Try scrolling while the mouse pointer is inside the ScrollingFrame, then move it to the lower right of the frame and try again.
  5. Optionally, try adjusting the size and position of the frame as well as changing the emulated device.

Place: scrollingframe_repro.rbxl (16.9 KB)


I’ve been experiencing similar behaviour to this. When I’ve set a custom resolution to emulate, sometimes the frame wouldn’t scroll in certain places. Sometimes the frame was even scrollable when the mouse was outside of it.


Hey, just bumping this post as this issue is still occurring for me. Very frustrating as it took a while to figure out why my scrolling frame wasn’t working!

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I was also experiencing this issue, I never realized it was the emulator window until today. It is frustrating for people who are unaware why the scrollingframe isn’t behaving properly. Please look into fixing this.

Oh yeah and thanks for the smooth scroll :slight_smile: just saw it today in game. Works great