Scrollingframe inside of another Scrollingframe doesn't work

I have this small Scrollingframe parented to another big Scrollingframe now my problem is the small one doesn’t seem to get a scrollable ui. Any other solution or way?

When I scrolldown my mouse in the small Scrollingframe it doesn’t work but the bigger Scrollingframe is the one who got scrolled down.

I don’t really get the point of what you’re trying to say as it is pretty confusing, make sure to add pictures or videos so even people who read this message can be engaged and help you solving this issue.

But other than that, maybe the scrollingframes are both too close to each other which makes the smaller one not work ?

This is the structure of my UI:

  • The RED is the bigger Scrollingframe
  • The GREEN is the smaller Scrollingframe
  • The GRAY is the scrollbar

I don’t know why the GREEN doesn’t have a scrollbar.

Are you using scale or offset to size your scrolling frames ? Try using both and see if it still doesn’t work in both cases.

They are in Scale size. It’s the first thing I do when creating a UI Elements.

Try using it with offset, i believe that could be the issue.

Changing it to offset will become broken for some screen sizes.

It might be the zindex

I am not a UI designer and don’t know alot about them so if I’m wrong it’s sorry


The Actual Hiearchy of the ScrollingFrame is like this:

  • Frame (Height = 60 offset, Width = 120 offset)
    • Frame (Height = 0.5 Scale, Width = 0.8 Scale)
      • ScrollingFrame (Height & Width = 2.5 Scale, Position.Y = 0.5 Scale)

My Thoughts:

As the ScrollingFrame is out of the range of the parent Frame and Larger than the Ancestors the Scrollbars got hidden.

My Solution:

I just created a new Hiearchy of ScrollFrame and got it fixed.