ScrollingFrame ScrollBar Bug

When you try to scroll the scrolling frame all the way down with your finger, the scrollbar remains the same size, but if you scroll the scrollbar all the way up, its size will change depending on the further scrolling of the frame. This appears in ScrollingFrame.ElasticBehavior = Always and ScrollingFrame.ElasticBehavior = WhenScrollable mode. This bug does not affect anything, but its presence causes discomfort.

Here is a reproduction video:

Expected behavior

I expect the scrollbar to resize on both sides, or not to resize at all.


The canvas is not changing sizes, it’s the scrollbar. That’d be one WILD bug if it was the actual canvas :joy:

Can confirm that the scrollbar is elastic when overshooting upwards, but not down. To be fair though, I cannot remember if it actually was elastic going down as well to begin with. :thinking:

I believe that’s an intended feature. It’s a common design choice to signify that you’ve reached the end of a scrolling object (try it on some apps with scroll bars, you’d see this behaviour). Although, Roblox seemed to forget to implement that for when you scroll to the bottom.

Keep in mind that the canvas itself isn’t changing size. Just the scroll bar.

Thanks for noticing, I was a little inattentive, I edited the post!


We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!


I just noticed this when I was looking at Royale High’s store. I think it looks weird and should be modified.

First, it should be consistent. The scrollbar should shrink like this on both ends, regardless of whether you reach the end or the beginning. Also, the effect sound be toned down. I think the scrollbar should become, like, ¾ its normal size at most when you try scrolling past its limits.

On Android, trying to scroll past a scrollable area’s limits “stretches” its contents in the direction that you move your finger, which looks better than just the scrollbar becoming very small like this.

Hi @pozzzy333 - thank you for bringing this issue to our attention. We have created a ticket to investigate this! And thank you to the rest of the devs on this thread for providing additional info!

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this issue should be fixed and working as expected now. Thanks!