ScrollingFrame Very Buggy for No reason

ScrollingFrames have been very broken forever now. they need to be fixed!
Today it hit a new level of “Ok roblox, what the heck!”
I need to create a ScrollingFrame to display save slots, but I cant because of it’s bugginess, and the fact it hates Scale UI. Offset isn’t good, so I have hit a wall.

It clearly just does not wont to work.

I have no other choice as some people have unlimited slots. How can I get around this?
This is also an annoying Roblox bug.

What is the size of the ScrollingFrame (not CanvasSize) also you can use AutomaticSize on the scrolling frame.

Automatic size never works.

{1, 0},{0.847, 0}

AutomaticSize should work if set to Y.

I have tried it, hold on.

I also have no idea why it’s aking the slots giant.

Are the slots using scale? If so use offset.

Offset means it wont fit of bigger/smaller devices…

But that’s where the scrolling frame comes in, it will make sure all the buttons can be selected by scrolling.

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A game I made uses offset and the end result doesn’t look to bad on mobile.

Here is the result on my horrible 2013 monitor (1920xIDK)

Maybe make the slots slightly bigger on the Y.

Nevermind found the issue

Do you mind sharing the solution so others with the same problem may know what’s wrong?

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I dont really know, it just sdtarted working