Scuba Diving Anyone? (Custom Scuba BCD)

This took me way too long to make, but here it is:

Screenshot_9 Screenshot_8

Am I missing anything?


It looks, great! Hope it goes well!


It looks really good! Keep up the work! :+1:

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Hi! I am a huge diving fanatic, GUE diver and working on my cave certification right now with GUE. The two tanks are known as doubles, two cylinders banded together with tank bands a manifold with an isolator, the current valves are facing the wrong way, the din inserts or the valves where you screw in your first stages should be facing the head. For doubles, divers use a backplate and wing, not a jacket BCD, i’ll send an image that I made.

but overall i love how you made the BCD, it looks nice


Bro, I’m super glad to hear that u liked it. I’m a certified NAUI Open ocean Diver, I wish I had the time to get my caving license. (Super jealous) I’m also glad that u corrected me. I have never used doubles before.

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I love my doubles, I’m really interested in your game! you got a discord?


That is an amazing tank! I would love to try out your game as I do currently have a scuba diving game on Roblox that you’re welcome to check out!