Scythe I made in blender

Hi there fellow devs, this is a scythe I made in blender
took me 40 minutes to make

feedback is appreciated


looks pretty good, you can try polishing the blade to make it more sharper and deadly upon glance

i think it’ll do good just fine

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Dope. It looks a bit weird on the edges, I recommend finishing all the advanced tutorial of blender before starting to make something like a weapon but it’s great practice :smiley:
Good job.

Why is the tail not fully connected and also much smaller?

By “weird edges” what do you mean?
because its ment to be a very old scythe

When you say tail do you mean the staff part, or the claw opposite the blade?

Its ment to be very old, but I could try making it a bit more sharper.

The tail part looks like it was glued onto another model, idk maybe I don’t know anything about scythes and it’s supposed to be like that xD

with the main blade I think its ok but the opposite part I can see what you mean

Yes the main blade is good that’s what I am saying but that little tail doesn’t look like it’s part of the same model

I like it, but you could’ve remove some points on the blade because you can see some pesky squares on the surface.

Scythes are used as a weapon and it normally looks like this.image5
I know you went for an old version but its still a weapon so it looks a bit wonky.
I guess sharpness is the word.


Is this better
I changed the blade a bit

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Much better :smiley:
Its looks good. I guess now tail can be a little longer but its your preference this looks good itself.

hmm, i think it optionally can get more s h a r p y

also, nice job reworking on it and some stuff, i recommend practicing fun facts about weapons so you can use them to your advantage to make them more unique coming from someone who doesnt usually model at all

The tail does still look off, a tiny bit too small, perhaps just make the blade a long banana shape instead of two separate bits?