Scythe/Weapon (Feedback)

Hey! I am trying to learn how to model/build and I created my first model yesterday, a scythe weapon. I’d just like some feedback on this so I can improve.


Hey look, it’s me!

I think you should add red me one parts at the end of the blade, to create a blood kind of style!

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Looks great, for two colours you really made it stand out. Nice work.

Amazing, it’s of great detail. The price is up to you to decide, although try to set an amount so you get a minimum for every hour you work, so if a weapon takes an hour to make, don’t sell it at the same price as one that takes you 2.

By the way, it’s against rules to ask the amount you’d sell assets for, somehow it’s considered spam:


Oh alright, thanks for letting me know.

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Looks great belongs In scythe sim

Add some lighting or particle effects and you’re golden

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It looks great! Like someone said before add lighting, and that would be cool but a thing I suggest is to add detail on the sharp Scythe it’s self. Otherwise this awesome there isn’t much I can say, everything is spectacular there isn’t much I can say, then a good job and keep up the work! :slight_smile:

I love the model, but you need to attach some of the parts and make it more thicker. I kindly request you to work on this model a little bit more because this model may help you in future problems!