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SEA Season X Officer Ranking Structure
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General Information

For Season X, we will be using a much more simplified ranking structure. Each rank will have it’s own responsibilities to the group to give each position it’s own unique flavor. What officers have to do to be promoted/demoted is very fluid and often up to their own personal effort. At the end of each month, the Commandant and Marshals will evaluate every officer. We will determine how well each officer accomplished the duties to their respective rank, and consider them for promotion or demotion. Ideally, we will try to have a 1 on 1 meeting with each officer, but this might not always happen for everyone due to logistical reasons.

Ranks and Descriptions

[HR1] Ensign

Description: Ensigns consist of all our newly elected officers. They will serve as a form of “Trial Officer” as they learn the fundamentals of hosting events and leading the group. Ensigns are expected to co-host events with more experienced officers, but also host their own. We do not have high expectations of the quality of Ensign’s events as they are still learning, but expect them to put in a good effort to host and try to get better.

Promotion Policy: Ensigns must complete all online training video modules available, show active effort on attending and hosting/co-hosting events, and hold their rank for at least a month to be considered for a promotion. The majority of Ensigns will be promoted after their first month if a good effort is put forth.

Demotion Policy: If little effort is shown in their first month, or if the modules are not completed, the Ensign will be demoted back to Warrant Officer.

[HR2] Lieutenant

Description: Lieutenants will consist of the majority of SEA’s Officer ranks. They are responsible for hosting the day to day events of the group - such as recruiting and training sessions. Having passed the Ensign process, their spot in the officer corps is also fairly secured. An Officer’s accomplishments as a Lieutenant will be the determining factor in their placement to higher level ranks.

Demotion Policy: If a Lieutenant is failing to attend or host events, or is hosting low-quality events, there is a good chance they will be demoted back to Ensign for a retrial process.

Promotions past HR2

All Officers will be eligible for promotion to either HR3 Lieutenant Commander, HC1 Captain, or HC2 Major from their HR2 Lieutenant positions. Lieutenants must display the following qualities to be promoted to the following ranks:

HR3 - Lieutenant Commander: Officers promoted to Lieutenant Commander must display superior event hosting abilities, as well as exceptional training skills. If we see an officer putting in a lot of extra effort into their training and events, they will have a high possibility to be promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

HC1 - Captain: Officers who show exceptional combat skills during raids will often be considered towards promotion to a Captain position. Their event hostings skills don’t always have to be the best, but if they are always carrying our raids they will qualify for this position.

HC2 - Major: Officers displaying leadership during raids (often by leading small detachments) will be considered for the Major position. Those who constantly show good raid practice, like using good callouts and directing our enlisted members, will have a high chance of reaching this rank.

[HR3] Lieutenant Commander

Description: Lieutenant Commanders are responsible for training in our new HR1 Ensign officers and showing them how to host events. These members are often the best trainers in the group and will teach their skills to other officers to better everyone. They will also host the best and most productive trainings and recruiting sessions out of the entire officer corps.

Promotion Policy: To be considered for promotion to HC3 Colonel, Lieutenant Commanders must demonstrate superior training skills of not only enlisted members, but also fellow officers. A Lieutenant Commander’s skill is also assessed by the performance of the Ensigns, and if many Ensigns are promoted this will reflect well on the Lieutenant Commanders. They will often be given a Colonel position over a Division if promoted.

Demotion Policy: If a Lieutenant Commander is failing to assist the Ensigns or actively host high-quality events, they will be demoted to Lieutenant and replaced with a more promising candidate.

[HC1] Captain

Description: Captain is the rank for SEA’s most elite fighters. Captain’s don’t necessarily have to be good at hosting events or leading, but they almost always carry on the battlefield. Their raid KDR is always positive and they will be assigned to key positions during raids. Captains are expected to try to attend as many raids as possible but are not required to host events. However, they may be called in as a specialist to teach special techniques if necessary. Captains tend to be our lone wolf “John Wick” type members.

Promotion Policy: A Captain can be considered for promotion to HC2 Major if they start showing more leadership skills on the battlefield, such as commanding other members and giving key orders during raids.

Demotion Policy: If a Captain consistently does poorly in raids, or fails to attend many raids, they will most likely be considered for demotion back to HR2 Lieutenant.

[HC2] Major

Description: Majors will be key raid leaders for SEA. They will focus on finding us raids, creating raid plans, and leading or helping lead our forces during said raids. Majors will demonstrate exceptional communication skills to lead our raid teams to victory and will make sure all raid participants are aware of our strategy/approach to the raid beforehand.

Promotion Policy: If a Major is consistently taking on large leadership roles in raids (not just leading small squads) and consistently has plans that work and bring us victory, they will be highly considered for a HC3 Colonel Position. They will most likely be assigned a leadership position over a Combat Regiment when promoted.

[HC3] Colonel

Description: The Colonel rank will be reserved for members who lead Combat Regiments or Divisions. Each Colonel will have their own unique set of tasks and expectations dependant on the Regiment or Division they lead. They will be closely evaluated each month, and will often have the largest workload out of any of the officers. However, they will carry the honor of leading their own detachment for SEA and holding the highest attainable rank aside from Marshal.

Promotion Policy: When a Marshal retires, only Colonels will be considered to replace them.

Demotion Policy: If a Colonel consistently fails to accomplish the goals of their Division or Combat Regiment, they will be replaced and demoted back to the rank they were before achieving Colonel. Colonels will be actively checked in on as their success is vital to the entire group.

SEA Military - Season X (Q4, 19 - Q1/2, 20)

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