Sea of Pirates - Reduced Weapon Lag & New Merch!

News about Weapons!

First of all I want to apologize to mobile and tablet users for the broken guns in the last update. We have also fixed guns and the ‘E’ interactive button problem in lobby for mobile and tablet. You can play again… :sweat_smile: yey!

We also managed to cut down the lag from weapons significantly.

Basically it means that even if you have slow internet the gun should fire smoothly. Accuracy was greatly improved for everyone but especially players who had issues because of their internet.
We have implemented a few measures to ensure latency exploits can not be abused for guaranteed hits. (looking at you exploiters out there :eyes:)

New Merch!

We have listened to a few feedbacks posted on our group’s wall and decided to add Shirts and T-Shirts!

We have 2 type of line-ups, the first being Logos & Clothes from in-game.Each one has a Shirt and T-Shirt version

Here are a few examples of the Logo ones:

And here are some of the Male and Female cloths from in-game:

They also work on R6

Check them out in our group’s store! Feedbacks are welcome!

And as always we are still working on bringing Open World to the game! :smiley:

Thank you for your love and support!
With love,
Team Water Pups