SeaBreeze Restaurant Is Hiring!

Hi there! We’re SeaBreeze Restaurant! We are an upcoming cafe group looking for more developers! We are looking for another 3-D Modeler, Builder, Animator, and 1 more Scripter!
The team so far is:
@BRITAN_9876 - Owner
@Officiall_Studios - Co-Owner and UI Designer
@hdhdidjdnvj - 3-D Modeler
@Flunx - Builder
@Sarptra - Builder
@qrwwewq - Scripter
@spiderlord - scripter



You will be expected to script things such as:
Food Eating
Chef System
And more. More will be discussed in DMs. You will have two other scripters to assist you.

3-D Modeler

You will be expected to model the food, and possibly some fish such as sharks.


You will be expected to animate the food and other animations that may be needed. You never know!


You will be expected to build things such as:
The main restaurant,
Tables and Chairs
Decorations, etc.
Some things will be handled by the 3-D Modeler. They will help with some things.

Our preferred payment is a percentage and has to be Robux. The percentage you receive can be negotiated, and will also be based on how well we think your work is. A direct payment can also be negotiated but is not likely.

You can contact us either here on the DevForum or on Discord. My discord is HendricoMaximus#3696. You can also contact BritDev#5446. We look forward to hearing from you! If you have any questions, just reply! We’ll answer all we can!


a team of 12 people… you sure commisions arent better than 10% per dev or lower?

Some commissions aren’t percentage. That is why I said that direct is unlikely. We are paying a lot of people directly instead, so percentages can be higher.

I’m interested in programmer position, I sent FR (Friend Request) to both of you,
My discord tag is : EsplishData#7167

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