Seamless Loading Screen

I’m having trouble creating a seamless loading screen between games. This is my script for the custom loading screen.

local PlayerGUI = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer:WaitForChild("PlayerGui")

local GUI = script.LoadingScreen:Clone()
GUI.Parent = PlayerGUI


repeat wait(1) until game:IsLoaded()

game.Workspace.StartMusic.Playing = true
GUI.Frame.LocalScript.Disabled = false

So, whenever it teleports the player the screen goes white, and when they join this game it still shows the default loading screen for a second. Is there anyway I can do something similar to Entry Point where it’s a seamless transition between games?

Edit: I feel like this post should have been more focused on the fact that it still shows the default loading screen. I’ll probably just make a new post


Hello, this could help you: here
Read it and if you have any question reply to me here.

I have a basically seamless loading screen for my shutdowns.
It will make a playergui appear on screen, and teleport them to a placeholder place. It does something like this to teleport, using features not commonly known


The placeholder place has the same gui in it, and teleports the player to the new game, a seamless transition.
(I also give the players a local script to turn off all core guis)

Could you explain a bit more on what I would need to do? Also, does this apply to places that are in a game?

I’ve tried this, but it doesn’t work how I’d like it to. It still keeps the default loading screen for a second.

Yes, heres an example of something I did.

	game.ServerScriptService.ShutdownKick.Disabled = false
	local e = game.Players:GetChildren()
	for i,v in pairs(e) do
		game.Lighting.RestartGui:Clone().Parent = v.PlayerGui
		v.PlayerGui.offguis.Disabled = false
		print("Everything succesful. Preparing to teleport..")

The offguis script just disables all coreguis such as chat. This uses a gui button to teleport and you can change it to your liking. the 4th argument in :Teleport is the gui that the teleport screen will be, so it can have a smooth transition.