"Search by User" option in Toolbox does not show assets for some users

When I try to search for creations by a few select users, searching the toolbox for anything created by them shows no assets at all, while they have published assets: (examples below for users “Kampfkarren” and “Zawie”)



And I am pretty sure these users exist, but they don’t show up.

This bug does not happen for every username I try, but it can be reproduced by searching up specific users in the toolbox, through the "Search By Users " option. These users do have models and plugins, but as you can see they are inaccessible through the toolbox.

An example of an asset

(only way to access them is to manually do so through the website) .

Could the cause be players changing their usernames, with them not updating?

Note: The players’s models/plugins are public/free to use.

This is intentional behavior. For now, only a closed group of creators is allowed to put plugins in the Toolbox. Eventually this will be opened up to all users once we make sure it’s safe. See the update announcement for more information.


Great to know, I was just wondering this myself.

Well, is it intended for the toolbox to not show models for specific users as well ?


Because as you can see above, models too do not appear for certain users, Kampfkarren again for instance.

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