Search card should display skills, not the job title

As a Roblox developer, it is currently inconvenient for me to search for talent with the skills I need due to the search card only displaying the job title of the person’s most recent experience.



This use of the job title feels random compared to the rest of the Talent Hub. I think it’d first of all be a lot more consistent if the Talent Hub instead displayed the user-defined skills on the search card rather than a job title.

The job title also is counterproductive to the idea of a “Talent Hub”. If a developer has spent many years developing many skills, then they should not be forced to categorize themselves under a single job category. This is how it currently is on the DevForum and I’ve not seen much good come out of it. Here on the DevForum, this limitation seems to cause people to make assumptions about a user just by glancing at their specified role.

Seeing as the Talent Hub is all about finding Talent effectively, this current use of a job title doesn’t make much sense to me.

If Roblox were to address this issue, I would have a more user-friendly experience when finding talent quickly and effectively using the search functionality.



I can appreciate that many creators in this community have a diverse set of skills. When browsing, though, we also don’t want to overwhelm the user with lots of information. This is a fine line to walk! You’ll note that when filtering for skills, matching skills do appear within the Creator Page card, so when you know what you’re looking for, we surface more information on that search results page.