Search Feature For Creations Dashboard

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find my games within the creator dashboard. As of right now, the creations tab includes filters and sort by but no search functionality. Due to the tab using pages with a set number of games per page, using the Ctrl + F search feature is not a viable option. Seeing as many developers, myself included, have dozens to hundreds of creations, providing a search feature would hugely improve the site’s usability.



Thanks for your feedback! This is something that’s on our radar - I’m unsure when we’ll get to it, but I agree that it is needed.


The same could apply to all assets as well. Since the toolbox does not show search results from the inventory that are not preloaded on the first page (and the bug reports get ignored), I frequently need to retrieve models from the Creator Dashboard, which lacks a search feature.