Search through all players on Roblox

Hi there,
I know you are not really supposed to ask for whole solutions here, however, I could need some tips with the following:

I am making a GUI based game that includes searching other users even if they are not in your server, or not playing the game at all. When a player is found, it is supposed to display a piece of information about them. Is that even possible? If yes, how would I be able to achieve this?

Thanks for the help in advance!

It’s definitely possible. You can know a lot about a user, even if they are offline and not on the server.

I do not know how to achieve this though.

I guess you can try adding the info you want to display on datastore that saves when they leave and use that.

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Use this endpoint for your requests if it fits your requirement:

endpoint: (used proxy for functionality in game)

send a GET request to that endpoint specifying your query keyword and the amount of results per request.

view all:

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Its possible, you just need to search the PlayerUserID with ther name and after with the UserID get the account information

There are useful function :
i hope this can help you. I think you have more function after for get more information on the Player Account but i do not know there name and i don’t found it so sorry :confused: