Searching for Audio in Toolbox by Length causes Roact error

While looking for audio in the Toolbox, searching by the length of audio creates an error in the output, and the audio does not show up in the toolbox. Searching by creator as well as length also does not work, however just searching by creator does.

I’ve only noticed this today, I’m unsure when it actually started. Reopening studio does not fix this, and this happens when I open a new place as well.



As you can see, I search for audio by length, and it keeps loading forever, and creates an error in the output. When I quit searching by length, it loads audio.


  • Go in studio, and open a place. The place you’re in shouldn’t matter.
  • Open toolbox, and search for audio by any length.
  • An error occurs, and it loads forever.

This happens 100% of the time I do this.


This issue is happening to me, but with “my models” and any search in the toolbox.