Searching for Builder!

Hello, I’m sebi210 and I’m searching a builder for my new game.

Game Idea:
It would be Speed Run, running through levels, trying to finish the game in the fastest time possible, but you have some special abilities as dash which will make the game more fun and entertaining.

Your job:
You will be supposed to build fairly big map of 30 levels. You can use your creativity when creating these levels!

You will get 35% (negotiable) of game earnings. Only 35 because I’ll be using my funds to sponsor the game, etc.

If interested, DM me on Discord - SEB1#1770 (Don’t add me as friend, I don’t accept friend requests, join Hidden Developers Server for example - invite hd)

Thank you for reading, and I’m looking forward to working with you. :slight_smile:


A percentage for a big project that might not work out is a huge risk for builders, maybe add a backup payment if you have the money to. If not it will be extremely hard.


I’m putting my money, into the project, so I think taking 15% is fair.

If the game fails, the builder risks making nothing. You need an alternative as many builders these days require upfront payment.

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A speed run doesn’t require much scripting or UI, which means the building is the biggest part that has to be done. Giving only 35% for building this game, that barely has any scripts, is an insult.
You would have to pay around 100 - 1000 robux to for the UI and scripts, considering you don’t want to use FM scripts, which unlikely, which leaves you with 65% of the profits to yourself, because I really doubt you will use 50% on the game’s advertising forever.
I would rise the percentage to 75%+ for the builder job and also add a backup payment. Otherwise you won’t get ant decent builders.

You gotta be kidding me.

25% for me for - scripting whole game (requires more scripting you think, dash, coins, checkpoints) + making UI + advertising?

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I’m going to have to agree with @sebi210 on this one, there is most definitely programming work to be done on a speed run.

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I already dm you I’m waiting for your response.

I read your DMs and replied, so why are you writing here? And I already told you to wait, as I’ll choose the builder later.

Oh okay just remember to tell me if I got chosen or not, have a good day.

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