Searching for feedback on first GFX

Pretty much the title gives you all information you’ll need, but, I also want to know, if I were to go into the Graphic Design field of Roblox how much would I price something like this.


(For clarification, I did not model this map it is the Pet Simulator 2 map I believe, and before I get responses about using others work it is just for example purposes as I am not selling this graphic.)


Really nice for the first one! Great job!


First one? This is really wholesome and impressive.

I’m not really an expert on GFX but this looks really good.


I do enjoy the low-poly art style so my apologies if this comes off a bit bias, but I believe this work is impressive and extremely well done. The soft glow of the sun really adds a bunch to the whole picture, please keep creating!


Thank you! But if I do continue creating what would a price be for something like this?


I would say anywhere from 5-10k.

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Okay, thanks so much! I’m going to continue looking for more feedback and perfecting my work before I 100% go into this field.



I am in love with the lighting and the low poly style, I think that you chose a very good setting to make the graphic design. It is pretty impressive considering this is your first ever Graphic Design, if I were you, then yes, I would consider on getting into the graphics designing field in roblox and selling your creations.


On the price side, I would say that if you were to sell this graphic design, I would say that you could go for something in the area of :robux_light: 400 to :robux_light: 1000.

Overall Feedback

Yes, you should get into the graphic designing field of roblox, and before you do that, maybe you could make around 2-3 more graphic designs and ask for feedback on them in devforums, and if people will like it as much as this one then you should get into the graphic designing field. (Only if you think you are ready)