Searching group Audit Log by target user (rather than acting user)

We can already search the audit log for actions done by a certain player, but we can’t search for actions done on a player. This can be hard if want to search how many times a person has been exiled or something without keeping a separate list.


Please? Innovation Security is still having a lot of repeat-exiled members return because this isn’t a thing.


So many things need search functions/organization. The sales list should have an option to sort by people/games.

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This is a big problem for many people with large audit logs. The exile and such just gets drowned in a sea of other logs.


Or just let us download a CSV of the audit log and cover every use case ever


Going to bump this…

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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all doing fine today; I’d like to request a feature to be made for the Audit Log on all groups

My Request

I believe there should be a filter for the targeted user. For example, User123 paid out 500 to User321. If I searched User321, it would show all the actions that had been made to that user, like if they got ranked down, got exiled. It’s just like the opposite of the current filter we have.

How it could look like

You could just put it on the left side where it is empty of the current filter with it saying Search targeted users.. Or you could have a box joined with the search bar with “target” and “actioner”

I’m not sure about how it could look like, and I’ll leave that up to ROBLOX. :wink:

My Reasoning

As a manager of groups, I’ve noticed that it is incredibly difficult to find who ranked a user up, especially when you have quite a ton of people in your group. For example, if someone had permission to rank in the group and ranked a friend to an admin role, it would be hard to find in the logs as the group may also have an Application Center like many groups which will cover up their logs. I don’t know if it is just me, but I can’t just keep flicking over 200 pages or something to find who ranked them. This poses a severe risk if that role has permissions to do things in certain games or anything.


Agreed… currently struggling to figure out who ranked a specific person in my group… 240 pages in so far, probably out of 3-4k.